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Louis Kerti, a managing partner of Highnote Sales. Lou Kerti has been in the consumer electronics market since 1982. Lou has been employed for Canon USA, Pioneer Electronics, Sony, and Sim2. Lou has held managerial positions and knows first hand what manufacturers demand. Lou has had the opportunity to create and execute successful marketing strategies for International, National and Regional programs. His expertise and relationships with a wide range of resellers in all categories is a testament to his ability to synchronize his dealer’s aspirations with the needs of the factories. Lou can now use his vast experience on a local level to help manufacturers navigate the different types of dealers and go to market strategies needed in the market today and on-going to be successful.

Over the last 4 years working locally as the president of WSR, Lou has developed strong and lasting relationships with the majority of accounts in the state. From the old established dealers to the new startups and almost everyone in between, Lou’s customer service and support has garnered the respect from the entire industry, and particularly our current dealer base of over 500 dealers and distributors.

Bob Lewis, also a managing partner of Highnote Sales, His experie nce encompasses everything from Retail, Custom Installation, Commercial, and Marine. Channels. The last nine years were has spent working as a VP, and is credited for his success in developing Sonos from its start up to a major brand in Florida. Sonos executives consider Florida a model territory.

As a manufacturer’s rep or running a successful distribution business or both. Bob has a thorough understanding all aspects of the business as it applies all channels of consumer and custom electronics. He has been a manufacturer’s rep for many major manufacturers. Sonos, Lutron, JBL Pro, Integra McIntosh, Sony, SurgeX, Sim2 and Totem Acoustics. Otari, Ampex, Sennheiser are just to name a few. Very few people in the industry have the diverse successful background that Bob brings with years of experience and a high degree of technical expertise.

Although many years of his history was performed in the Midwest the last eleven (11) years have been dedicated to the growth and relationships forged with excess of 700 dealerships in Florida, custom installers, commercial dealers, marine electronics and consumer electronics dealers. Bob enjoys great relationships with many dealers and manufacturers in the industry, and he is respected for his business expertise and customer service.

Geoff Marks,