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Highnote Sales has examined and analyzed the existing market, dealer base and influences that will affect our business for 2016 and years to come. Based upon current market conditions, economic factors, and trends, here is what we found. As stated in the Florida’s economic forecast through 2020, we will see a substantial increase in the new home construction.. These new homes are projected to be in the multi-thousands in just 2016. And similar growth is expected over next 5 years, primarily 200k to 600K price range. The highest increase in value goes to houses being resold in the 1-3M range as much as 42%, while the overall refurb market is growing at 24%. Figuring that there are 80 million boomers retiring now, and over the next ten years Florida is a likely place for many of them to retire. Home values will increase and smart homes will become a standard an certain price categories and we will see a substantial development in the emerging “Do it yourself” home automation market.

We currently have many strong relationships with dealers, builders, specifier's, designers and contractors who specialize and are focused on this market. This will be a large growth area for us, and for those in the industry that have the foresight. It not the local CI guy anymore. Builders and developers will hire in house, and keep the profit.

Our experience with the Marine industry has already are just shown some great growth and additional opportunities is the yacht business, at an average of $100K/ft. it is a very lucrative, extremely high-end mostly unaddressed local AV market which is a perfect custom installation canvas. Adding our product to these “toys” just enhances the experience. The yacht builder or rebuilders are hungry to distinguish themselves; it has been a slow process but has proven to be an additional avenue for growth. Florida is the home of many yacht manufacturers and the world’s home for yacht refurbishing and boat shows.

Highnote Sales will approach the Florida with a “divide and conquer” sales and marketing strategy, Florida will be divided into tentatively three primary areas, South Florida (SFL) will encompass the Dade, Broward Palm counties, Gulf Coast (GFL) includes Ft. Meyers, Naples, Tampa, and the Panhandle, while Northern Florida (NFL) will include Orlando, Jacksonville, Gainesville and the east coast down to and include Marion county. Obviously, these will be modified as required to reflect the opportunities in each market as they become presented.

Highnote Sales is comprised of experienced, passionate, long term members of our electronics community that are truly concerned about end users experience, and the dealer’s capability and business practices to delver that experience. The success of the manufacturer’s that we represent rely on our ability to communicate their objectives to our dealers and their success.

We are very conscious regarding the lines and partners we want to align our company with and do not take this process lightly. You are receiving this business plan because we value your company as a future business partner, let Highnote Sales be your partner and support your growth and sales efforts in ways no other organization has the tools, relationships and experience to get the job done.